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“Thomas J. is going to be a lawyer,” his mother would tell people. “Both of my parents were attorneys and it was clear from very early on that I had the itch to become an attorney as well” — Thomas J. Kherkher Managing Partner for The Kherkher Law Firm, PLLC P recalls. “My father was, and still is, a record-setting personal injury attorney. Whenever he had a big case, I would go to the courthouse and watch my father fight for his clients who were usually the little guy wronged by mega-corporations. I dreamed of one day following in his footsteps and getting into the courtroom.” – Tommy John Kherkher “The legal system is a place where I can make a real difference. Where I can give the little guy a voice. Where I can hold mega-corporations accountable for putting profits ahead of people.”

The dream to become an attorney remained strong with Tommy John, while he briefly considered a career as a professional golfer, Tommy John graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara in only two and a half years yet soon went back to what he knew was his passion — the law. Tommy John graduated cum laude from South Texas College of Law, again graduating in two and a half years.

Hard work and persistence are attributes that helped Thomas J. Kherkher achieve success in and out of the legal profession. These qualities are ones he impresses on the attorneys and staff of The Kherkher Law Firm. “We have an outstanding track record of success here. We are willing to take on the biggest, and most complex cases. No matter how difficult the case or the facts, we will persist and work all avenues of attack throughout the entire legal process. We strive for excellence in every aspect of a client’s case from promptly providing the client with updates to arguing the client’s case to a jury- and all the hard work in between.”

Thomas J. Kherkher is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas.

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Very professional and responsive

“I told him Tommy John, you’re my hero. Because that’s how I feel about him. I do not know what I would have done without Tommy John and his team. I can’t even imagine.”

Posted by Jarrett R.